1. Video

    For better and for worse

    17 August 2020

  2. International Youth Day

    Demet Akbağ: Act now to support young people

    13 August 2020

    Award-winning Turkish actor Demet Akbağ calls for immediate action to address one of the greatest dangers for our society: the risk of having a “lockdown generation” of youth.

  3. Video

    Webinar on Domestic Workers held by the ILO Office for Turkey on 30 June 2020 as part of “More and Better Jobs for Women” Program.

    30 June 2020

  4. Video

    How can I obtain the work authorization?

    28 September 2019

  5. Video

    Ibrahim, Ismail and Alaaddin, apprentices reaching out for a better future with an ILO project

    27 September 2019

  6. Video

    Alaaddin hoping to be a master one day, with an internationally valid master's certificate

    27 September 2019

  7. Video - International Day of Cooperatives 2019

    Cooperatives for decent work

    04 July 2019