ILO Office in Turkey

  • Conference On Social Dialogue, Sustainable Development And The Future Of Work

    Yegin: The Project ‘Improving Social Dialogue In Working Life” Will Add Depth To The System Of Industrial Relations And Understanding Of Social Dialogue. Özcan: A Strong Social Dialogue Requires Relevant Legislation, Strong Social Partners, And Political Will. Önder: MoLSS’s Understanding Of Social Dialogue Is Based On Consulting, Cooperation And Negotiation With Social Partners.

  • World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2017

    ILO calls for the importance of collection and utilization of reliable occupational safety and health data

    The World Day for Safety and Health at Work is celebrated on 28 April 2017 with the theme “Optimize the Collection and Use of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Data”

  • World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2017

    "Accurate data will help to save lives"

    "Countries that have good data will be better placed to fulfil their commitment to implement and report on the global plan of action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all under the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development," says ILO Director-General on World Day for Safety and Health at Work on 28th April.

  • Unionists from all over the world visited ILO Office in Turkey

    A delegation of 27 unionists from 26 countries visited the International Labour Organization (ILO) Office in Turkey on 18 April 2017.
    The TODAİE (Public Administration Institute for Turkey and Middle East), MEMUR-SEN and SESRİC are presently conducting an international training programme in trade unionism and social policies in Ankara that started on April 1st and will continue until June 1st. 27 participants from 26 countries including Afghanistan, Albania, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Benin, Indonesia, Cameroon, Ghana, Mauritania, Mongolia, Niger, Somali and Yemen have come to Turkey for this training programme. Part of the training was a visit to the ILO Office in Turkey.

  • ILO revises its landmark Declaration on multinational enterprises

    The revised Tripartite Declaration of principles concerning Multinational Enterprises and Social Policy (MNE Declaration) adds principles to the Declaration addressing decent work issues related to social security, forced labour, transition from the informal to the formal economy, access to remedy and compensation of victims, inter alia. It provides enhanced guidelines for fostering the contribution of multinational enterprises to achieve decent work for all.

  • International Women's Day

    According to ILO survey most of women in Turkey want to work in paid jobs

    According to the report, while 70 per cent of women globally want to work in paid jobs, this rises up to 87 per cent in Turkey.

  • International Women's Day

    Globally, most women prefer to be working and the majority of men agree, ILO-Gallup report shows

    New landmark report clearly shows that concerns regarding gender equality and achieving a better work-family balance resonate around the world.