Terms of Reference

Final Independent Evaluation

Project to Strengthen agricultural opportunities through training and technological investment (PROFIT)

On behalf of the Evaluation Office, the Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean is seeking expressions of interest from evaluation teams to conduct the final independent evaluation of the Project to Strengthen agricultural opportunities through training and technological investment (PROFIT). The evaluation exercise foresees a level of effort of 80 effective working days, divided between the team members, which will be carried out between November and February 2024. Company and/or individual contracts are possible.

Further details are provided in Terms of Reference.

Interested candidates are required to supply the following information together with a Cover Letter:
1. A description of how the team member’s skills, qualifications and experience are relevant to the required qualifications of this assignment;
2. A list of previous evaluations that are relevant to the context and subject matter of this assignment, indicating the role played by the consultant(s) applying (they can be highlighted in the CV);
3. A copy of the curriculum vitae of all team members;
4. A statement confirming their availability to conduct this assignment;
5. A statement confirming that the candidates have no previous involvement in the implementation and delivery of the project to be evaluated, or a personal relationship with any ILO Officials who are engaged in the project;
6. The names of two referees (including phone and email address) who can be contacted; and,
7. A financial proposal indicating a daily professional fee expressed in US dollars. Note that fees must be commensurate with the consultants’ qualifications and experience.

The deadline for the submission of an expression of interest for this assignment is October 30th, 2023 at 08:00 GMT-5. Prospective candidates should send their expression of interest by email to EVAL-LAC (EVAL-LAC@ilo.org), with the subject header “EoI: Independent evaluation - PROFIT ”.