2013. The ILO in Latin America and The Caribbean. Advances and Perspectives.

The Report, describing progress made in the world of work in the region over the last year and, at the same time, once again presenting strategic guidelines for discussion. The document also describes a chequered period: sustained progress has been made in labour policies and indicators, which is good news for the region. The international context presents serious threats however, and internal inequality persists, so it would be unwise to lower the guard.

While the 2012 document presented the progress in the region as a complement to the information published in the ILO 2010-2011 Implementation Report, this one is an advance report. The 2012-2013 Implementation Report, which will be prepared towards the end of this year and published early in 2014, will include more details about the outcomes achieved through ILO action in the region, organized in terms of the nineteen global outcomes of the ILO Programme and Budget.