HIV/AIDS and the World of Work Branch (ILOAIDS)

Zero New HIV Infections. Zero Discrimination. Zero AIDS-Related Deaths. Implement the ILO Recommendation on HIV and AIDS (No.200).

AIDS is a workplace issue because it has a marked impact on workers, their families and dependants, enterprises and national economies. More >>

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    Opening the Door to Zero New HIV Infections in Closed Settings

    03 February 2016,

    Prisons and other closed settings are high-risk environments for HIV and tuberculosis (TB) transmission. High infection rates in prisons affect both prisoners and prison employees. ILO’s HIV and AIDS Recommendation, 2010 (No. 200) affirms the principle of universal access to HIV services and provides guidance for the implementation of policies and programmes on HIV, AIDS, and TB for prison workplaces which can benefit both prisoners and prison employees.

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    4.8 million Workers took HIV test in India in 2014-15

    25 January 2016,

    Over 4.8 million workers underwent HIV testing in 2014-15 at the Integrated Counseling and Testing Centers (ICTCs) spread across India under the National AIDS Control Programme (NACO).

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    ILO launches a new publication: "Protect Rights, Prevent HIV – Inspirational voices from workers"

    17 December 2015,

    The book contains a selection of messages from workers’ organizations all over the world in support of the ILO’s Getting to zero at work campaign.

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    ILO on the Fast-Track to end AIDS

    01 December 2015,

    To mark World AIDS Day, 2015, actress Sharon Stone has given her support to the International Labour Organization’s campaign to end discrimination at work.

  5. Publication

    HIV and AIDS: Guidelines for the retail sector

    30 November 2015,

    The ILO has developed these guidelines to help stakeholders in the retail sector to strengthen their response to HIV and AIDS.