Research on workplace policies and programmes on TB, HIV and AIDS  is one of the key areas covered in the Terms of Reference of the IATT. IATT also acts as a forum for sharing research studies, good practices and other relevant publications.

Desk Review of Research on HIV/AIDS in the World of Work

Key research publications of IATT members

Cost benefit analysis

  1. The Organisational Impacts of HIV/AIDS on CSOs in Africa
  2. Cost Benefit Analysis of HIV Workplace Programmes in Zambia
  3. Perception of Indian employers about HIV/AIDS in the world of work

Baseline and impact studies

  1. Prevention of HIV/AIDS in the world of work: A tripartite response
  2. Socio-Economic impact of HIV/AIDS on people living with HIV/AIDS and their families

Policies/Strategy documents

  1. Including HIV in public and private sector insurance policies and products
  2. Small and medium enterprises’ response to HIV and AIDS
  3. UN Policy on HIV/AIDS in the workplace
  4. An HIV/AIDS Workplace Policy for the Education Sector in the Caribbean (UNESCO)
  5. Implementing the UN Learning Strategy on HIV/AIDS: Sixteen Case Studies (UNAIDS)
  7. ITF's annual magazine on HIV and transport workers - Agenda 2013
  8. Desk review - 25 july 2012 (WPPS)
  9. HIVAIDS and port workers - a resource pack for unions (ITF)
  10. Summary of the HIV pilot projection selective seafarers centers
  11. UNICEF-Vanbreda Insurance Pilot Project Review - Lessons and recommendations
  12. WELLNESS FOR A GLOBAL WORKFORCE - Workplace wellness initiatives in low and middle-income countries (GBCHealth)
  13. Busan ICAAP poster presentations
  14. Experiences and Lessons Learnt in the project ‘Managing HIV and AIDS in the Workplace’ in South Indian NGO - STOP AIDS NOW
  15. Feeding practices of HIV exposed, infected and affected children under three years of age in selected districts of Karnataka
  16. INSA-India case studies
  17. Open Journal of Nursing - Nursing students’ perception on sexuality and gender issues
  18. Walking the Talk in the Workplace - INSA