Zimbabwe Launches a Strategic Framework for PPP for HIV/AIDS & TB

“Strategic Framework for Public-Private Partnerships for TB and HIV Prevention, Treatment Care and Support, 2014 – 2016” was launched by Dr Douglas Mombeshora, the Acting Minister of Health and Child Care, Zimbabwe on 25 March 2015.

News | 25 March 2015
Addressing a gathering of over 100 participants, Dr. Mombeshora said; “...this Public Private Partnership is a big platform to strengthen our engagement with the private sector into matters of health affecting our populace using HIV/AIDS and TB as entry points.”

The PPP framework provides a solid basis for strengthening collaboration between the public and private sectors. The framework was developed through an elaborate process of consultations with relevant stakeholders. A technical committee was set up with representation from the ILO, UNAIDS, private sector health service providers, manufacturers, companies, National AIDS Council and the AIDS & TB Unit in the Ministry of Health and Child Care. Based on the advice of the Technical Committee, a situational analysis was undertaken to provide an overview of the current status of PPP, capture good practices and identify gaps. This formed the basis for the development of the PPP Framework.

A Private Sector Coordination Board has been established with the support of the ILO to oversee and coordinate the private sector response to HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe. Both the ILO and UNAIDS are on the Board as Advisors (ex-Officio members). The Board will oversee the operationalization of the PPP Framework in line with the national policies and strategies.