Tapping into existing networks in India

Article | 04 June 2010

The Central Board for Workers’ Education (CBWE) has over 50 years’ experience of educating workers from the formal, informal and rural sectors, through a network of trained officers operating the length and breadth of India. With its vast reach and well-established programme, the CBWE offered an ideal channel to reach informal sector workers, who make up 70 per cent of the CBWE’s audience, with HIV/AIDS education.

The ILO ran a series of nine ‘training of trainers’ workshops all over India covering the CBWE’s 263 officers and helped to develop a reference manual for use in the field. The CBWE has now fully integrated HIV education into its programme, which reaches 300,000 workers every year, and there is a constant process of feedback and refresher training. The programme is backed by a communications pack including leaflets, posters, a booklet and flipbook, all available in a range of regional languages.