Free Movement of Persons and Transhumance in the IGAD Region: Improving opportunities for regular labour mobility

The ILO is implementing a project on “Free Movement of Persons and Transhumance in the IGAD Region: Improving Opportunities for Regular Labour Mobility” in collaboration with IGAD as a core element of “Towards Free Movement of Persons and Transhumance in the IGAD region” program financed by the European Union Trust Fund (EUTF).

The overall objective of the project is to improve opportunities for regulated labour mobility and decent work within the IGAD. It cover five result areas that promote good governance of labour migration and mobility:
  • Knowledge and Evidence Generated
  • Capacity of Key Labour Market Actors Increased.
  • Rights-Based Approach to Labour Migration Governance Promoted
  • Tripartism and Social Dialogue Strengthened
  • Youth Skilling and Employment Initiative (YSEI).    More

Upcoming activities

  1. COVID 19 impact assessment

    FMPT is getting ready to assess the impact of COVID 19 on migrant workers in and from the IGAD region as it is a necessary step towards addressing consequence of the pandemic on migrant workers and their families.

  2. Publication

    A publication titled "The potential of skills development and recognition for regular labour mobility in the IGAD Region" will be available soon.

  3. FMPT working in three languages, Arabic, English and French

    The translation (regional report to Arabic and French, Djibouti report to French and Sudan report to Arabic ) and publication of three publications of the assessment of labour migration and mobility governance in the IGAD region is underway. Soon the reports will be available in Arabic and French.

  4. A study on labour market assessment is underway

    FMPT project is doing the preparatory work to conduct a study to access the labour market in the IGAD region.