Fair Recruitment Practices in Ethiopia

Enhancing the capacity of Private employment agencies (PrEA) in Ethiopia

Feature | 22 July 2023
The ILO, through BRMM project and the JLMP-ACTION partnered with the Ministry of Labour and Skills (MoLS) and the Ethiopian Overseas Private Employment Agencies Federation (EOPEAF) to enhance the capacity of Private employment agencies in Ethiopia. A two-day training was organized in Adama, Ethiopia between 30th to 31st January 2023, to equip members of the Private Employment Agencies (PrEAs) with the necessary knowledge and tools to ensure fair recruitment practices, adhere to the code of conduct, implement the 923/2016 Ethiopian Overseas Employment Proclamation and the 1246/2021 amendment proclamation, as well as utilise the newly developed self-assessment tool in order to promote fairness and professionalism in recruitment.

The workshop was attended by a total of 48 participants from the Federation of Ethiopian Private Overseas Employment Agencies and its members, the Ministry of Labour and Skills (Oversee Employment Department, PES, TVT, labour officer and Labour inspectorates), Ethiopian Domestic Workers Association, as well as Employers and workers organization.

Over the course of the two-day sessions, participants were engaged in technical and thematic presentations, employing in group work and discussions that fostered a deeper understanding of fair recruitment practices. Participants gained a comprehensive understanding of the essential aspects of the Overseas Employment Proclamation and its recent amendment, and explored the roles and responsibilities outlined in the Code of Conduct and the Self-assessment tool. The workshop also facilitated fruitful discussions on fostering cooperation between PrEAs, the Oversee Employment Department, and PES, leading to the identification of key activities necessary to support a sustainable ecosystem for fair recruitment practices. A highlight of the sessions was the opportunity to develop a typical business model tailored to the needs of overseas PrEAs, ensuring their ethical operation and long-term success.

This empowering training marks a crucial step towards building a fair recruitment landscape in Ethiopia. By equipping PrEAs with the necessary knowledge, tools, and collaborative strategies, the training has set the stage for fair and responsible recruitment process that benefits workers, agencies, and the overall labour market in Ethiopia. The outcomes achieved will pave the way for sustainable change, strengthening the protection of migrant workers' rights and dignity.

Group picture of the participants