In Uganda, the ACCEL project provides opportunities to vulnerable youth through life and technical skills training

Article | 06 September 2022

The NASCENT Research and Development Organisation (NASCENT RDO) was identified and directly selected at the strategic planning workshop for designing of the ACCEL Africa project component in Uganda and included in the project document(Country Annex) as a potential implementing partner.

It is against this background that the ILO ACCEL Project invited an action programme proposal from NASCENT RDO to provide direct livelihood support to project beneficiaries; vulnerable men and women to enable them to diversify and enhance their livelihoods, support children aged 14 – 17 years to attend vocational training and offer post training support and school-to-work transition, referral of children to the formal education system.

The geographical coverage has been in both Tea and Coffee supply chains in 5 districts in the eastern and western regions of the country (Mbale: Bulambuli, Sironko, Buikwe, Hoima and Kabarole).

Nascent uses the CHEAL Model (Choose to Earn As you Learn) among youth. Youth who learn from within their communities are supported by local artisans who not only train them to complete the course but also facilitate and monitor them as they implement their projects.

Nascent also uses the VSLA approach through which they believe that every community member has the ability to save the little they can and thus the metaphor of “One by one makes a bundle” to encourage all community members irrespective of their earnings to save, borrow and invest using their own resources.

Nabilya Immaculate is among the 450 youth (255 females and 195 males) who have benefited from the different skills which include; Tailoring, Knitting, Hairdressing, Hair cutting, Welding, Carpentry, Motorcycle mechanics, Construction, Phone repair and Computer studies which were the most marketable trades in the communities following a market assessment conducted by Nascent RDO.

The youth have mastered a number of skills during their training, some have been employed, others have started their own IGAs and others have been retained by their artisans. 60% of the youth have successfully attained start-up kits through the 50%, 50% contribution between the youth and Nascent RDO. For the youth to access income, borrow, invest and grow their businesses, Nascent RDO formed youth groups which also act as strong social groups that support the youth.

Since October 2021, Nascent RDO has been implementing the same interventions in the three regions of Greater Mbale including Sironko, Bulambuli and Mbale district, Central region including Buikwe district and Western region including Kabarole and Hoima districts.

In supporting vulnerable men and women to diversity and enhance their livelihoods, the strategies we are currently employing on the ACCEL/LIVES project include; value chain and market systems approach, skilling youth using the CHEAL (Choose to earn as you learn) model, livelihoods enhancement and diversification, economic strengthening, children’s innovative motivational learning, and a family centred approach. Our current targets include.