Second MOZMOD technical retreat in Mozambique organised with ILO's support

The second edition of the MOZMOD technical retreat on the tax-benefit microsimulation model for Mozambique, MOZMOD, kicked off yesterday in Ponta do Ouro, Maputo Province

News | Lusaka | 25 April 2022
Organised by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) with the support of ILO through the United Nations Joint Programme on Social Protection (financed by Sweden and Finland), and in collaboration with UNU-WIDER, this retreat will be taking place between 25 and 29 April with the objective of consolidating the ongoing capacity building process of State institutions on MOZMOD.

Throughout the week, 13 participants - technicians from MEF, National Institute of Social Action, National Institute of Social Security, National Institute of Social Welfare, National Institute of Statistics and Tax Authority - will begin drafting policy briefs on reforms in social protection policies and programmes. Ultimately, these briefs will contribute to providing the Government of Mozambique with relevant information for informed decision-making and policymaking on the extension of social protection.