JLMP assessment study

Assessment of Legal Labour Migration Frameworks in Africa

Conducted within the framework of the Joint Labour Migration Programme- JLMP-Priority Project, the study assess ways in which migration and the treatment of migrant workers are being regulated or managed through laws, policies, administrative measures, and specialized bodies of the State; the role played by bilateral and multilateral treaties, and Conventions; and the way in which the tripartite partners take part in the process.

The labour regulation assessment adapted the ILO 2004 Labour Migration Survey in Africa, with a view to assess (1) existing labour law provisions (including labour codes); (2) their relevance to labour migration governance; and (3) their gender responsiveness. The overall objective of this assessment was to identify gaps between legislations, regulations (including labour codes) in AU Member States and RECs and practices affecting migrant workers’ access to labour rights and benefits. The assessment was conducted in 14 selected Member States and 5 Regional Economic Communities.