Background paper

Towards a transformative macroeconomic policy framework for employment generation in Africa

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Over the past two decades, the African continent has experienced solid growth oscillating between about 3 – 6%, yet this growth has not translated in the creation of sufficient – let alone decent –employment opportunities for most Africans. It is widely known that a major reason for this ‘jobless’ growth is the continent’s dependence on primary commodity and low value-added sectors, which typically are not able to create mass employment in decent conditions. To change this, African countries must undergo a process of structural transformation. This is clearly recognised and articulated by ILO’s African tripartite constituents, as documented in the 2019 Abidjan Declaration on Shaping the Future of Work in Africa. The Declaration provides the guiding framework for ILO’s work on the continent and confirms the organisation’s clear commitment and support for this important work across Africa.