Migrant Information Center: Operational Manual - Amharic

Project documentation | 18 September 2020
The main objective of this manual is to guide and inform an efficient functional system for MICs to deliver migration-related information services which are responsive to the needs of potential migrants, returnees and their families. Specifically, the manual addresses the following:
- It serves as a reference guide to train MIC staffs on the role and purposes of MICs, on labour migration, on the service delivery approaches, and on effective management of the centres.
- It provides standard procedures for establishing and running an MIC.
- It provides tools and techniques to facilitate the work of MIC management on a day-to-day basis and in monitoring and evaluating the services.
- It provides accurate and timely information and can serve as a document for consultation with target beneficiaries and other stakeholders on important migration issues and concerns.
- It informs migrant workers and their families about migration; thereby optimizing the benefits of labour migration against the risks.