Campaign on ratification of C102 Mozambique

Workers’ organizations join forces and launch national campaign for ratification of Convention No. 102 in Mozambique

During the week of the International Workers’ Day, the two largest national trade union confederations of Mozambique, namely the National Confederation of Independent and Free Trade Unions of Mozambique (CONSILMO) and the Mozambican Workers Organization (OTM-CS), launched through a press conference held on 5 May 2023 a national campaign calling for the ratification of Social Security (Minimum Standards) Convention, 1952 (No.102). This campaign is being supported by the ILO through the Portuguese-funded project “Strengthening of Social Protection Systems in the PALOP and Timor-Leste (Phase 3), also known as ACTION/Portugal, and the IrishAid-funded regional project "Accelerating the Achievement of Universal Social Protection to Leave No One Behind."

This campaign is inscribed in a broader ILO Global Ratification Campaign on Convention No. 102, which aims to support countries in the progressive realization of universal social protection systems, including floors, based on the core principles and minimum benchmarks provided by international social security standards.

During the press conference, CONSILMO and OTM-CS presented their new policy brief titled “Why ratify ILO Convention No. 102?”. This brief discusses the importance of Mozambique ratifying Convention No. 102 as this would help address existing coverage gaps that currently keep 87% of the population excluded from enjoying their right to social protection, which affects particularly workers in the informal economy as well as populations in situations of poverty and vulnerability.

CONSILMO and OTM-CS argue that the ratification of this convention by the Government of Mozambique would represent a clear signal of the Government towards a stronger social contract for all Mozambicans.

A discussion on the possibility of ratification of Convention No. 102 by Mozambique is scheduled to take place in early June 2023 in the framework of the Labour Advisory Commission (CCT in the Portuguese acronym), which is the tripartite national body reuniting the Ministry of the Labour and Social Security, workers’ organizations and employers’ organizations.