Somalia: Resources

  1. « 100 Years – 100 Lives » | SOMALIA - “Now I am no longer a refugee and I even managed to set up my own business in Baidoa”

    09 October 2019

    Former Somali refugee Mohamud Mohamed benefitted from an ILO project that helped him to resettle in Somalia by providing him the necessary tools to start a business.

  2. Social protection for migrants workers and their families in ECOWAS states - The ECOWAS general convention on social security

    26 July 2019

  3. Social protection for migrants workers and their families in ECOWAS states

    26 July 2019

  4. « 100 YEARS – 100 LIVES » | DJIBOUTI – ETHIOPIA – ERITREA – KENYA – SOMALIA – SUDAN – SOUTH SUDAN – UGANDA - “Improving labour mobility and regional integration can boost decent work and economic growth in the IGAD region”

    16 July 2019

    The ILO is implementing a project to improve opportunities for regulated labour mobility and decent work within the IGAD countries.

  5. « 100 Years – 100 Lives » | SOMALIA - “Social dialogue made it possible for us to reform the old labour law”

    10 June 2019

    The ILO supported Somali social partners in reaching a compromise on a new Labour Code that offers better protection to all stakeholders.

  6. ILO and IGAD consult social partners on IGAD draft Protocol on Free Movement of Persons

    09 May 2019

    ILO and IGAD invite social partners to discuss the draft Protocol on Free Movement of Persons before it is adopted.

  7. IGAD member states discuss labour migration, mobility governance and skills development

    07 May 2019

    ILO partners with IGAD and EU to validate findings of two studies on assessment of labour migration and mobility governance, and potentials of skills development for regulated labour mobility in the IGAD Region.

  8. Conflict and mass displacement increase child labour

    20 March 2019

    Conflict and crisis in the Middle East and North Africa has led to an increase in child labour across the region, including in children’s involvement in armed conflict and other illicit activities, a new report finds.

  9. National employment policy for Somalia finalized

    27 February 2019

    Somalia's national employment policy which lays out a strong foundation to provide sustainable employment opportunities for Somali population has been finalized.

  10. The revised Labour Code for Somalia was finalized

    21 February 2019

    Labour code for Somalia which has been developed by the Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs (MoLSA) in collaboration with ILO, was finalized.