IMPROVE YOUR BUSINESS- (IYB) entrepreneurship training

Improve your business (IYB) women entrepreneurs’ training held in Hadhwanag hotel in Hargeisa, Somaliland

Improve your business (IYB) women entrepreneurs’ training was held in Hadhwanag hotel in Hargeisa, Somaliland from 7th to 13th of July. The main objective of the IYB training for women entrepreneurs in Somaliland was to set up a better and adaptable, profitable business management system. By the end of the training course, the participants are expected to be able to improve their businesses, record their transactions and also to improve their sales and reducing costs. Some participants were able to get the opportunity to interact with women who have started from scratch to build good businesses and with better business management system.

Improve your Business (IYB) training was designed to introduce basic principles of good business management in simple and practical ways which help women to understand the basic businesses. 150 existing women entrepreneurs were drawn from different businesses in different markets in Hargeisa to participate in the training to improve their business management system skills.

In the first 3 days of the training from 7th- 9th of July, the 2 groups were joined to participate in the training and the remaining group attended from 10th to 13th of July.

The Target group included:

Existing women entrepreneurs- both those with education background and those who can write and read. During the training some of the participants struggled due to their low understanding but the outcome was reached. ILO Somalia and IIDA/KHAYRAD jointly worked together to make the training successful.

Training overview:

The Existing Women Entrepreneurs’ Improving Business Basics (IYB Manual) was developed by the International labour Organization for practical management for small businesses. The IYB Manual covers different topics on how to improve successful businesses for practical management for small business activities and discussions. It covers seven manual tool kits which trainers can train one by one.

Official Opening of the training

The event started with a brief presentation by Safia Tani ILO business counselor, who shortly narrated the partnership between ILO and IIDA/Khayrad. She specifically emphasized on the objective of the Improve Your Business (IYB) training. In her speech, she generally spoke about the objectives of EU gender economic empowerment project. The project will improve the (self) employability of women through training on entrepreneurship and enterprise skills. The project will also facilitate an enabling environment through the development of private business support services.

She also mentioned the importance of the training and the total number who will benefit this IYB training. Mr. Mohamed Khayre Ismail from Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs thanked the participants for their collaboration and patience to take part in the IYB training, thanked the project funders (EU) and implementing parties ILO and IIDA/Khayrad for giving opportunity to build the capacity of existing women entrepreneurs and improve their businesses. He also said MOLSA will support and will give hand to all the international and local organizations that are supporting or building capacity of women entrepreneurs.

Lastly Mr. Mohamed Nur, IIDA officer, officially welcomed the guest and participants and thanked the participants for their time and collaboration to benefit the IYB training.