Somalia votes in new President

News | 20 August 2012
EU Special Representative for the Horn of Africa, Alexander Rondos (L) speaks alongside Augustine Mahiga, Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for Somalia and head of the UN Political Office in Somalia, during a news conference in Mogadishu

Members of Somalia's new parliament hold a vote to name a new president of the fledgling government on Monday, which marks the end of eight years of rule by a UN-backed leadership by the TFG. The UN and other international partners helping the political process said Sunday that Somalia faces an unprecedented opportunity for greater peace and stability. “The conclusion of the Transition should mark the beginning of more representative government in Somalia,” a statement from international partners, including the US and EU, said. “Whilst Parliament remains a selected rather than elected body, it is essential that it cuts its ties with the past of self-interest and warlordism, and is populated by a new generation of Somali politicians, including the proper representation of Somali women.