ILO Secures €8 Million from EU for Projects in Sierra Leone

The International Labour Organization (ILO) has signed an €8 million partnership agreement with European Union for implementation of feeder road maintenance and youth entrepreneurship programme in agricultural value chain in Sierra Leone.

Press release | Sierra Leone | 28 July 2021
FREETOWN (ILO News): Infrastructural development is key to economic development of any nation, and Sierra Leone is on the path to experiencing improved infrastructural development as the ILO prepares to implement some development projects in the country.

Already the ILO has signed an €8 Million Partnership Agreement with European Union under the EU ‘Jobs and Growth’ Programme in Sierra Leone to support feeder road maintenance and youth entrepreneurship for agricultural value chains. Breaking the good news on his twitter page, the European Ambassador and Head of Delegation of EU in Sierra Leone, Tom Vens, on 27 July 2021, stated that the funds would be used to implement projects in “Bo, Bombali, Kenema and Port Loko districts” of Sierra Leone.

The funds would help to create a multiplier effect in Sierra Leone, as it would lead to more job opportunities and economic growth in the country. Many youths would be equipped with relevant skills in road maintenance and agricultural value chain, thereby opening up the space for more economic opportunities for young women and men.

Announcing the good news excitedly, the Director of ILO Country Office, Abuja, Ms. Vanessa Phala who oversees the activities of ILO in Nigeria, Ghana Liberia and Sierra Leone, and Liaison Office for ECOWAS stated that the partnership will contribute to more decent job creation in terms of quantity and quality of jobs for women, young women and men and persons with disabilities mainly in rural areas in Sierra Leone.