As part of the ILO effort to support the government’s effort in monitoring progress in social protection coverage and tracking expenses, the ILO Abuja office paid an advocacy visit to the Statistician General of the Federation to discuss collaboration

Press release | 05 September 2022
Social protection interventions have recorded significant human development impacts across all regions of the world Including Nigeria. Social protection contributes to enhancing the economic and productive capacity of even the poorest and most marginalized. However, there are little or no data to monitor social protection coverage in Nigeria. It is on this basis that the International Labour Organization Abuja office meet with the statistician general of the federation to canvass for the institutionalization of social protection statistics into the national statistical system.

Speaking at the National Bereau of Statistics headquarter in Abuja the ILO Regional Social Protection Specialist, Mr Batchabi Dramanne stated that the International Labour Oganization through the Social Security Inquiry collects data to monitor social protection coverage and expenses all over the world. As the custodian of SDG 1.3.1 it has become very important for the ILO to partner with statistical institutions to ensure adequacy of data and early reportage. The specialist stated that the Abuja office has supported with an initial assessment to institute social protection statistics into the Nigeria National Statistical System. The study has been completed and will be transmitted to the bereau for consideration.

The Statistictian General of the federation Mr. SEMIU ADEYEMI ADENIRAN stated that he was aware of the role data play to ensure adequate monitoring of social protection coverage and expenses. “We are currently collaborating with the National Social Safety Net Coordinating Office on different issues, and I am happy to include social protection statistics”, he said. He also stated thate as a matter of urgency the NBS would create a technical committee on social protection statistics to monitor social protection coverage in NIgeria. The committee would cut across all social insurance, and social assistane institutions in Nigeria. Based on this, he requested the ILO to continue to support the NBS in strengthening the capacity of the committee to enable it achieve its objectives.

The recent Social Security Inquiry (SSI) conducted by the ILO in close collaboration with Government of Nigeria, revealed that only 11% of the population benefited from one form of social protection or the other. One of the problems identified during the social security inquiry exercise was lack of adequate data. With this envisaged initiative the problem of data unavailability would be resolved before the next Social Security Inquiry. The SSI is used to produce the world social protection report every two years.