Institutionalizing social protection for accelerated SDG implementation in Nigeria

The Institutionalizing social protection for accelerated SDG implementation in Nigeria is funded by the “Joint UN SDG Fund.” The Project will strengthen social protection at the federal level in Nigeria. In addition, it will implement a social protection programme in Sokoto State to serve as a blueprint for other states.

The joint programme being implemented by the ILO, UNICEF, WFP, and UNDP will strengthen the right-based approach to social protection by supporting the institutionalization and legislation of the social protection system in Nigeria. Furthermore, the programme supports the identification and facilitate the adoption of financial strategies to effectively implement the National Social Protection Policy. In Sokoto State, the joint programme will contribute to expand and articulate the cash transfer and universal health insurance scheme for a more significant impact on social protection access and improved health, education, and nutrition, especially among vulnerable groups. It aims to generate impact by combining an institutional approach (policy and capacity-strengthening) with the implementation of tangible interventions with a focus on innovative financing mechanisms for social protection.

Within this joint programme, the ILO is responsible for three main elements:
•    Strengthened national social protection legal framework with the development of a social protection bill, aimed at realizing the rights to social protection for consideration by the National Assembly
•    Increased and institutionalized social protection financing with a reinforced institutional framework by identifying and creating fiscal space and innovative funding for social protection.
•    Universal Health Coverage at the state level accelerated using the Basic Health Care Provision Fund & community-based insurance mechanisms.

The Initiative will support the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) to conduct the scheme first actuarial valuation and provide support for the operationalization of the “Sokoto State Contributory Health Insurance Management” (SOCHEMA).
The ILO team will work closely with the technical working group on social protection, Social partners, Civil society organization, and other stakeholders for the implementation of different activities. 
•     By 2021, the Social Protection System has improved at the Federal level with a reinforced legal framework and a financial mechanism integrated into the national budget and planning efforts.
•     By 2021, the National Social Protection Policy (NSPP) is operationalized in Sokoto State, ensuring gender-sensitive social development with a reduction in poverty and improvement in Nutrition, Education, and Health for women and children.