Commemoration of World Day Against Child Labour 2020 in Nigeria

The Government of Nigeria – in collaboration with the International Labour Organization, Nigerian Labour Congress, Trade Union Congress of Nigeria, National Employers’ Consultative Association, other partners and stakeholders will commemorate the World Day Against Child Labour 2020 virtually to critically highlight the need to improve measures of protection available to Nigerian children against the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

June 12th is the World Day Against Child Labour, and the ILO as part of national level commemorative efforts is planning a virtual round table discussion. Discussants will bring the views of UN agencies, governments, employers and workers organizations, and civil societies on the impact of COVID-19 on access to education and resulting threat of increased child labour.

The proposed panel will included the Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment, the Federal Ministry of Education, ILO, UNICEF and UNESCO. This discussion is targeted towards policy makers and national and state stakeholders, with the objective of informing and inclusive and child sensitive COVID-19 responses through policy and programmatic actions, towards eliminating child labour.

The government and social partners recognize the heightened importance of securing the safety and health of children and young workers within the minimum legal working age and end child labour, especially in its worst forms. To achieve this objective, the following pillars are the focus of the discussions:
• Mainstreaming child protection for the at-risk population in Nigeria during the COVID-19 crisis;
• Mitigating the impact of school closures on the fight against the worst forms of child labour through resilient education frameworks;
• Reducing the gendered impact of child labour by reducing gendered inequalities in education
• The opportunity for UN agencies and partners in Nigeria to join forces during the International Year on the Elimination of Child Labour in 2021.