ILO Strengthens Labour Inspection System in Ethiopia

13 October 2021 (News) Addis Ababa; Ethiopia: As part of strengthening bilateral relationship and improving labour inspection in regional bureau of labour and social affairs of Ethiopia, the ILO CO Addis Ababa has signed an agreement and handed over the first motorbike to the Harari Regional Bureau of Labour &Social Affairs.

Article | 03 November 2021
Mr. Alexio Musindo and Ms. Yamelwork Kidane

During the signing of an Agreement, Mr. Alexio Musindo, ILO Country Office Director for Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somalia, Sudan & South Sudan stressed that our small contribution paves the way to strengthen & support our bilateral partnership and bring an impact in improving labour inspection in the Harari region.

Ms. Yamelework Kidane, procurement & administration officer, bureau of labour & social affairs at Harari region, on her part appreciated & acknowledged the support that the ILO has provided to the office.

She further explained that ILO’s contribution in this regard, will have a significant impact in strengthening and addressing the logistics challenge that the labour inspection system has faced so far in the region.

The ILO CO Addis Ababa through ONEILO Siraye programme is strengthening labour inspection system in Ethiopia to ensure compliance with labour law and ILO conventions ratified by Ethiopia. The support is focusing on complementary interventions to strengthen the labour inspection system in Ethiopia including strategic compliance planning for the labour inspectorate, development of labour inspection action management system, continuous education mechanism for labour inspectors and provision on logistical and financial support to conduct inspections.

The ILO is working with MOLSA and Regional BOLSAs to develop a labour inspection information and knowledge management system. The system will make the enforcement efficient, effective and transparent as it ease internal and external reporting, standardize the collection and analysis of statistics, and facilitate evidence-based planning and identification of priority compliance issues and targets. ILO has also introduced its strategic compliance-planning model to MOLSA and five BOLSAs and is providing technical support for strategic compliance planning and implementation.. In addition, the programme supported the design of continuous education mechanism for labour inspectors. The basic labour inspection certification training is now available on USB key and widely circulated to regional BOLSA

In his concluding remark, Mr. Alexio mentioned that the ILO, through its various project, has been closely working with the federal and regional bureau of labour & social affairs so far & this will continue with the ministry as well as the regional bureaus to promote decent work and social justice in the world of work across the country.

ILO procured eight motorbikes with the total amount of $23,183 to the regional BOLSAs to address labour inspectors logistics challenge to carry out inspection. In addition, the ILO provided $58,846 financial support to conduct general labour inspection and COVID-19 prevention support.