Main Global, Regional and Country-level ILO tools and resources on Labour Migration

The ILO counts with significant Global tools and resources on Labour Migration, as well as Regional and Country-level publications (reports, articles) produced in Africa

Existing ILO Global Policy tools on Labour Migration

ILO Reports produced in Africa

  1. Regional Labour Migration Statistics Report in Africa

    With the technical assistance and the financial support of the ILO, the first continental Labour Migration Statistics Report in Africa (2016) was produced and published in 2017 in English and French.

  2. Social Security Access and Portability Study

    providing information on access to social security for migrant workers from Africa, including portability regimes and supporting policy-making for social protection access & portability of benefits for migrant workers

  3. Migrant Workers’ Skills Portability in Africa at Regional Economic Community and Continental Level

    Guidance towards an African Qualifications Framework

  4. Study on Bilateral Labour and Social Security Agreements in North Africa