ILO CO-Lusaka Staff List

Organizational description | 22 August 2014

Lusaka Staff list

Mr. Wellington Chibebe


ILO's Country Office for Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique
Telephone : +260 211 252701
Fax: +260 211 257354 

ILO Lusaka office

Name Title
Mr. Gerald TEMBO Sr. National Programme Officer
Mr. Boas CHITEMBU Operations Officer
  Sr. Finance Assistant
Ms. Chilombo NAKAZWE Sr. Human Resource Assistant
Ms. Peneyambeko Alina MUNKAWA Occupational Safety and Health Specialist
Ms. Besnart NKWEMU Executive Assistant to the Director
Mr. Mwiinga MALAMBO Sr. Programme Assistant
Mr. Allan MULENGA Office Support Assistant
Mr. Aaron MBEBA Information Technology Assistant
Mr. Martin KALEMBO Sr. Driver

Zambia Projects

Social Protection Floors in Zambia
Name Title
Mr. Jean-Louis LAMBEAU Project Manager
Mr. Felix MWENGE National Project Coordinator
Mr. Isaac BWALYA National Project Coordinator
Ms. Nienke RAAP Technical Officer - TRANSFORM
Mr. Muya MWIYA National Project Officer- Disability
Ms. Barbara MMEMBE Finance and Administration Assistant
Ms. Esther TAFELA Finance and Administrative Clerk
Ms. Taonga MSHANGA Communications and Public Information Assistant
Mr. Raymond CHILALA Driver
Skills For Energy In Southern Africa (SESA) project
Name Title
Mr. Lloyd Chabala NGO Chief Technical Advisor
Ms. Musoli KASHINGA National Project Coordinator
Mr. Simon LONGA  National Project Officer
Mr. Malambo SIMULYAMPONDO Finance and Administration Assistant
ILO Programme on HIV and AIDS in the World of Work (ILOAIDS ) Project
Name Title
Ms. Theresa MUKEYA-MASEKA National Project Officer
ILO Southern Africa Migration Management (SAMM) Project
Name Title
Mr.  Jesse MERTENS Technical Officer, Labour Migration and Data
EU Skills Project
Name Title
Mr. Todini Marecha Chief Technical Advisor
Mr.  Mpulu MAKAYI National Project Coordinator
Vacant NPC Enterprise
Ms. Rose LUTELE Finance and Administration Assistant
Mr. Chrispine MOONO Driver

Mozambique Projects

MozTrabalha II project Mozambique
Name Title
Mr. Martin GASSER Chief Technical Adviser
Amanda JERNECK MSD Technical Expert 
Vacant Employment Policy Technical Expert
Ms. Raquel MALUNGA Sr. Finance and Administration Assistant
Vacant National Project Coordinator
Mr. Antenor PEREIRA National Project Coordinator – Social Dialogue and Policy
Vacant Finance and Administration Assistant
Mr. Cesar MANHICA Driver
Social Protection Floor in Mozambique
Name Title
Mr. Ruben VICENTE Project Manager
Mr. Luis COTINGUIBA Junior Technical Officer
Mr. Vanádio MONTEIRO National Project Coordinator
Ms. Hatia MAHASSA Finance and Administration Assistant
HIV/AIDS Workplace & Brasil Cotton Project
Name Title
Mr.  Paulo ROMAO National Project Officer
Trade for Decent Work
Name Title
Mr.  Paulo SELEMANE National Project Coordinator
Promoting multi-dimensional resilient recovery of the Ibo and Buzi districts: supporting reconstruction of local authorities and communities in a context of environmental and cultural heritage sensitivity 
Name Title
Vacant National Project Coordinator
Mr. Clovis SIMBINE Finance and Administration Assistant
Decent Work for Youth project
Name Title
Mr. Francesco RUBINO Project Manager
Mr. Edson NATHA National Project Coordinator - SKILLS
Mr. Abdul AFANDE National Project Coordinator - EIIP
Mr. Alfredo CUNA Finance and Administrative Assistant
Mr. Bony AIDE Driver
Social Finance project
Name Title
Ms. Angela Passy BASTOS DO AMARAL  National Project Officer

Malawi Projects

ACCEL project - Accelerating action for the elimination of child labour in supply chains in Africa
Name Title
  National Project Coordinator
Ms. Chisomo KALOGWILE National Project Officer
Mr. Patrick MIKOLA Driver
Name Title
Social Protection (Malawi)
Ms. Patience MATANDIKO Technical Officer
Mr. Reagan KALULUMA National Project Coordinator
Addressing decent work deficits and improving access to rights in Malawi`s tobacco sector’ in Malawi
Name Title
Mr. Gracious NDALAMA Technical Officer
Mr. Ndamyo KABUYE National Project Officer
Mr. Lester CHABWERA Driver
ILO Programme on HIV and AIDS in the World of Work (ILOAIDS) Project
Name Title
Ms. Sibia Tracy MJUMIRA National Project Officer
ProAgro Youth and Global Programme on Skills and Lifelong learning Project
Name Title
Mr. Patrick MAKONDESA National Project Coordinator
Mr. Frank SEGULA National Project Officer
Ms. Florence KHWIYA Finance and Administration Assistant
Peter THAWALE Sr. Driver Admin/Clerk