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  1. Participatory methods and championing gender equality in rural economies

    25 August 2016

    The rural economy discussions have shown that while it is essential to invest in both financial and intellectual resources to have impact on rural development, the process has to be inclusive of everyone to ensure sustainability as demonstrated by examples from Zambia and Zimbabwe.

  2. Youth unemployment challenge worsening in Africa

    24 August 2016

    Unemployment continues to remain high in North Africa while the number of young people in working poverty is expected to increase in sub-Saharan Africa: ILO report.

  3. Harnessing the potential of Zimbabwe's rural economy

    23 August 2016

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) held a ground-breaking discussion on strategic interventions to establish a sustainable rural economy for Zimbabwe’s growth.

  4. Strengthening the Workers Compensation Fund in Tanzania

    23 August 2016

    How ILO is supporting employment injury benefit schemes in cases of work-related accidents and occupational disease for a stronger social security mechanism in Tanzania.

  5. Knowledge sharing on Decent Work in the rural economy - Zimbabwe

    19 August 2016

    ILO facilitates exchange of good practices in promoting decent work in the rural economy in Zimbabwe.

  6. ILO to strengthen capacity of Ethiopia on implementation of labour standards

    19 August 2016

    The ILO is organising a week-long training course on International Labour Standards (ILS) in Ethiopia to reinforce the national capacity of tripartite constituents to comply with ILS obligations under the ILO Constitution.

  7. ILO to publish World Employment and Social Outlook 2016: Trends for Youth

    19 August 2016

  8. ILO, Nigeria and partners to implement national policy on labour migration

    18 August 2016

    Through the financial and technical support of the International Labour Organization (ILO), the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the European Development Fund (EDF), Nigeria formulated the National Policy on Labour Migration which was unveiled on 18 August 2016.

  9. Supporting youth beekeeping project for decent jobs in Tanzania

    15 August 2016

    How the UN Joint Program complements national efforts to address youth unemployment in Tanzania.

  10. Improving livelihood through technical innovation in Zimbabwe

    05 August 2016

    How the launch of a biogas digester in the community surrounding Mhiti Business Centre transformed the lives of the population benefiting from the ILO-supported Chivi Egg Production Project.

  11. Social Protection agenda at the heart of Zambia Congress of Trade Unions

    03 August 2016

    The International Labour Organization, in partnership with Frederich Ebert Stiftung, held a Social Protection capacity building and strengthening workshop for secretariat and affiliates of the Zambia Congress of Trade Unions.

  12. First ILO Academy on Labour Migration to be held in Africa

    03 August 2016

    South Africa will host this ILO Academy to be held from 28 Nov 2016 - 09 Dec 2016 in Africa to review, analyse and make recommendations on labour migration governance, strategies, policies and tools.

  13. Establishment of tripartite industry forum in Oromia Regional State

    02 August 2016

    The tripartite partners in Oromia Regional State of Ethiopia have agreed to form a Tripartite Industry Forum at the regional level

  14. Launch of Work Integrated Learning skills upgrading initiative in Malawi

    29 July 2016

    The ILO Work4Youth and STED projects launched the “WiL” skills upgrading intervention, a strategy for enhancing skills levels and competitiveness of enterprises in the horticulture industry of Malawi.

  15. ILO signs agreement to address the root causes of migration through job opportunities for women and youth in Ethiopia

    29 July 2016

    ILO signs agreement to provide technical support to “Stemming Irregular Migration from Northern and Central Ethiopia” (SINCE) programme under the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa.

  16. Algeria ratifies the ILO Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC, 2006)

    29 July 2016

    Algeria is the 79th Member State to have ratified this landmark Convention.

  17. ILO assists Nigeria in developing the first national OSH Profile

    21 July 2016

    Through the financial and technical support of the ILO, the Federal Government of Nigeria has embarked on the development of a National Occupational Safety and Health Management System.

  18. Tanzania and ILO launch a national child labour Report

    20 July 2016

    Report indicates 4.2 mil. children (28.8%) at the age of 5 - 17 years are in child labour in Tanzania.

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    Policy coherence needed to turn trade into an engine for growth in Africa

    19 July 2016

    Trade and investment can be drivers of inclusive growth for sustainable development in Africa, says the ILO’s Deputy Director-General for Field Operations and Partnerships, Gilbert Houngbo, at UNCTAD 14 in Nairobi but calls for more integrated policies to realize that potential.

  20. A new information guide for Zimbabwean Migrant Domestic Workers in South Africa

    18 July 2016

    Key stakeholders from Zimbabwe and South Africa developed a practical guide for migrant domestic workers under the support of the European Union funded ILO Global Action Programme on Migrant Domestic Workers and Their Families (GAP-MDW).