News and Press releases

September 2017

  1. ILO to host a High Level Conference on The Future of Work We Want and the Workers’ perspective in Sub-Saharan Africa

    26 September 2017

  2. HIV / AIDS Guidelines of the Retail Sector Launched

    21 September 2017

    Health is key to economic development, hence the need for the retail sector to embrace the national HIV/AIDS guidelines.

  3. Tanzania launches guidelines to boost implementation of Apprenticeship and Internship programmes in the Country

    19 September 2017

    Guidelines intended to bridge youth employability skills gap

  4. Senior representatives of 14 African countries discuss quality apprenticeships to address youth unemployment and skills mismatch

    18 September 2017

    Learning Forum to discuss promotion of quality apprenticeships in order to address skills mismatch and youth unemployment in the African region

  5. ILO commits ETB 60million to reintegrate returnee migrants in Ethiopia

    18 September 2017

    By committing ETB 60million, ILO confirmed its support to the reintegration effort of returnees alongside Ethiopian Employers Federation and Women Entrepreneurs Association.

  6. ILO to hold Conference on “The Future of Work We Want: Workers’ perspective in the Arab region” on 20-21 September

    18 September 2017

  7. Tanzania to launch Apprenticeship and Internship Guidelines

    15 September 2017

    Guidelines to motivate employers and training institutions to engage and support apprenticeship training programmes

  8. ILO to host the first High-Level Conference on Youth and Employment in North Africa

    12 September 2017

August 2017

  1. Value Addition … Going the Extra Mile on Women Economic Empowerment

    30 August 2017

    Vongai is a young woman who got married at the tender age of 17 years. Her husband is over 30 years older than her, and she has had very little travel nor exposure outside her local community. She dropped out of secondary school due to poverty as her parents could not afford to keep her in school though she was a bright student.

  2. Zambia to host the 1st Africa Forum on Private Sector Inclusive Green Growth and Job Creation

    29 August 2017

    Employment, Labour and Commerce ministers from Finland and Zambia together with over 120 policy makers and implementers, chief executive officers, senior managers and officials from private, public and civil society entities, employer and worker organisations, entrepreneurs, creative thinkers, innovators, academics and researchers from different countries from more than 25 countries in Africa and elsewhere will from September 6 - 8, 2017 gather at Avani Hotel in Livingstone to discuss policy and actions for promoting inclusive green growth and the creation of decent green jobs.