News and Press releases

January 2019

  1. Cooperatives Well Placed to Create a Viable Enterprise Model for Productivity and Income - ILO

    07 January 2019

    As part of activities under the Food Africa Project, the ILO organized a 2-week Training of Trainers Workshop using ILO’s tools and methodologies on cooperative development with a view to harnessing the potential of cooperatives to promote decent work in Agricultural value chain in Jere, Kaduna State, Nigeria.

December 2018

  1. SIRA mobile application links migrant returnees with employers

    26 December 2018

    ILO launches the SIRA mobile application to match the demand and supply of low and semi- skilled workers to the labour market in Ethiopia.

  2. Highlights of new study assessing the impact of increasing domestic processing of cocoa in Ghana on employment and job creation presented during high-level meeting

    11 December 2018

    The new study was conducted by the STRENGTHEN project, a joint ILO-European Union global initiative.

  3. Understanding the needs of migrant returnees cited as critical in the reintegration process

    07 December 2018

    ILO shared best practices and lessons learnt in the reintegration effort of migrant returnees.

  4. ILO Organises a Work Improvement In Neighbourhood Development Training for Jere Community Farmers

    06 December 2018

    As part of the ILO’s efforts to improve working conditions and livelihood of rural farmers, the ILO organized a workshop under the Food Africa Project using the ILO’s Work Improvement in Neighborhood Development (WIND) Programme to improve occupational safety and health of farmers in Jere, Kaduna State.

  5. Global Wage Report

    03 December 2018

    The latest ILO Global Wage report finds global wage growth has been weak while the gender pay gap, at about 20 per cent globally, remains unacceptably high

  6. New fruit and vegetable pack house set to arrest post-harvest losses

    02 December 2018

    The people of Mutoko District, north of Harare, well known for their expertise in horticulture production, have repeatedly suffered loss of both produce and related income due to long distances to lucrative markets and limited access to effective transport.

November 2018

  1. The ILO Welcomes Liberia’s Commitment to Harmonizing Labour Laws as a means of Achieving Decent Work

    19 November 2018

    The Liberian government with support from the ILO is working towards harmonizing existing labour laws and regulations, to this end a national labour conference was convened in November 2018 to harmonize the provisions of labour laws regulations.

  2. Bilateral labour agreement negotiation

    14 November 2018

    ILO and Ethiopian government helped build the capacity of government officials in negotiating bilateral negotiations.

  3. © Robert Harding Heritage/AFP 2019

    Decent Jobs for Youth partners take action on youth entrepreneurship in West Africa

    13 November 2018

    As part of Global Entrepreneurship Week, partners of the Global Initiative on Decent Jobs for Youth bring together over 200 key stakeholders at the Youth Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment (YES) Forum in Dakar, Senegal, to accelerate support for young entrepreneurs.