Instructional materials


  1. Maternity protection at work: a key human right to prevent maternal mortality and morbidity

    03 August 2015

  2. Good practices and lessons learned on the elimination of child labour in Nigeria - ECOWAS projects' experiences

    24 June 2015

    This ECOWAS projects' document is a collection of good practices and lessons learned which should allow to fight against the worst forms of child labor in West Africa.

  3. Corridor Economic Empowerment Project - Resource pack

    04 May 2015

    The Corridor Economic Empowerment Project (CEEP) works across six countries, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

  4. Labour migration in Southern and Eastern Africa

    02 April 2015


  1. Changing Attitudes on Child Labour

    19 September 2014

    The ILO is working to secure space for former child labourers in centres run by the government, thus improving their lives and ensuring social protections for them.


  1. Business and the fight against child labour - Experience from India, Brazil and South Africa

    25 October 2013

    A new report on the efforts of businesses in three countries in the global South to eliminate child labour, in their operations, supply chains and wider communities.

  2. Good practices in tackling child labour through education - Selected examples from the IPEC TACKLE Project

    10 October 2013

    The objective of the TACKLE project was to contribute to the withdrawal of children engaged in child labour and to prevent further entry of children into employment by offering them alternative education and training opportunities and thereby contributing towards poverty reduction.

  3. Malawi: Emerging good practices of the ILO-IPEC project “Support the National Action Plan to Combat Child Labour” (SNAP Malawi)

    30 June 2013

    The SNAP Malawi Project aimed to improve Malawi’s child labour knowledge base institutionalize at the national level intervention models yielding good practices and shift the focus from targeted sectors of child labour to a more integrated area-based approach (IABA)

  4. Building the capacity of children in child labour and domestic work through education and training to enhance their future prospects in Nigeria

    01 January 2013

    Manual for part-time teachers/counsellors working with children in labour and vulnerable positions. It is believed that training acquired through the use of this manual would enable vulnerable children in child labour and domestic work to possess self-esteem to make positive impact.


  1. Emerging good practices from the integrated area based approach in Uganda

    01 September 2012

    The aim of this publication is to document good practices that emerged from the implementation of the project in order to provide information to different stakeholders at national, district and community level that would guide programming for enhancing interventions for elimination of child labour, replicate and take the good practices to scale. A total of 15 good practices were identified at the macro, meso and micro levels.

  2. Toolkit on Poverty Reduction through Tourism in Rural Areas

    01 March 2012

    The toolkit outlines the background to poverty reduction approaches and how the ILO is involved within the context of decent work and the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. Recent developments in tourism and a vision for an inclusive, pro-poor, rural tourism industry are summarized.


  1. Social Business Plan Competition (SBPC) Handbook

    01 September 2011

    The GYSBP programme is for people who have a concrete social business idea and want to start a social business.


  1. WISE+ full training package (Action Manual and Trainers' Guide)

    11 December 2009

    The new WISE+ training package brings together the WISE Action Manual (1997) with the new WISE-R Action Manual to create a complete WISE+ Action Manual. We have also created a second binder, which contains the WISE and new WISE-R Trainers’ Guides.

  2. WISE+ training package 2009: Action Manual

    01 January 2009

    This WISE+ binder brings together the WISE Action Manual (1997) with the new WISE-R Action Manual (2009) to create a complete WISE+ Action Manual.

  3. WISE+ training package 2009: Trainers' Guide

    01 January 2009

    The new WISE+ Trainers’ Guide brings the WISE and the new WISE-R Trainers’ Guides, together with Guides and teaching aides to accompany the new modules. It also incorporates guidelines on follow-up activities and handy forms to help trainers to track progress and evaluate the impact of the training.


  1. Good practices in ILO-IPEC capacity building project in Nigeria

    01 March 2006

    This document captures the experiences of partners in the implementation of the project, but more importantly, highlights the positive intervention strategies adopted which invariably contributed to the success recorded by the project in Nigeria.


  1. Participatory Action Training for Informal Sector (PATRIS): Trainer's guide

    01 March 1999

    This brief guide explains how to organise and carry out training designed to improve safety, health and working conditions in the informal sector workplaces by using the attached training materials.

  2. Participatory Action Training for Informal Sector (PATRIS): Operator's manual

    01 March 1999

    This manual shows how to take simple, effective, and low-cost action which improves safety and health at the workplace and at the same time raises productivity. The training method encourages owners and operators to make concrete improvements at the shop-floor level.