ILO in Zambia

What's new

  1. Social Protection

    Social Protection Bill moving forward

    01 August 2017

    During the months of June and July, the Zambian Ministry of Labour and Social Security, with the support of the International Labour Organization (ILO), organised a series of workshops on the development of the National Social Protection Bill.

  2. News

    National Policies on Disability and Social Protection – Easy Read versions

    31 July 2017

    Lusaka: Two national policy documents namely the Zambia National Policy on Disability and the Zambia National Social Protection Policy have been translated into Easy to Read versions. The Easy Read translations have been developed with the intention of making the content of the policies easy to understand for anyone. Easy Read documents are often used to make information more accessible and easy to understand to people with learning disabilities, but these versions have been produced for the public at large and is meant for anyone who wants to familiarize with the topics in a more reader friendly and simple English.

Key resources

  1. National Development Plan

    Revised Sixth National Development Plan (SNDP)

    The Revised Sixth National Development Plan 2013-2016 (R-SNDP) is the revision of the Sixth National Development Plan 2011-2015. The R-SNDP is aimed at achieving the objectives set out in the Vision 2030 of Zambia becoming a “prosperous middle-income country by 2030”.

  2. The Zambia–United Nations Sustainable Development Partnership Framework

    UN Sustainable Development Partnership Framework (UNSDPF)

    The Zambia–United Nations Sustainable Development Partnership Framework outlines the collective aspirations of the United Nations in Zambia and the Government of the Republic of Zambia towards supporting the achievement of transformational results in response to the development priorities of Zambia.