• ILO in Somalia

    Somalia has been a member of the International Labour Organization since 1960. The ILO is devoted to promoting social justice and internationally recognized human and labour rights, through a decent work agenda. It has created income-generating activities for Somali men and women, working hand in hand with local administrations, communities and the private sector.

Impact stories

  1. Empowering a Woman Economically means Empowering every part of her life

    17 July 2016

    Women’s Economic Empowerment Project is a joint initiative between UN Women and International Labour Organization (ILO) with the support of Swedish International Cooperation Agency (SIDA). The project helps women build their credit portfolio stabilizing their income, raising their standard of living, and reorienting themselves and their families.

  2. A new Hope back Home

    06 September 2015

    My name is Mohamud Mohamed, I was born and raised in Baidoa. When I was young I attended madrasa where I memorized Quran and learnt Arabic.

  3. Boosting Youth Self-Employment in Somalia

    31 July 2015

    Beneficiaries of the Youth for Change (Y4C) programme share their stories in their changed lives.