ILO in Namibia

Namibia, a large and sparsely populated country on Africa's south-west coast, has enjoyed stability since gaining independence in 1990 after a long struggle against rule by South Africa.

Germany took control of the area which it called South West Africa in the late 1800s. The discovery of diamonds in 1908 prompted an influx of Europeans. South Africa seized it during World War I and administered it under a League of Nations mandate.

What's new

  1. Namibia set to take over from South Africa as Chair of the SADC Summit and the Employment and Labour Sector

    16 May 2018

    As Namibia prepares to take over the reins of SADC Summit, the Employment and Labour Sector (ELS) is meeting to discuss the regional body’s progress on implementing plans on employment and labour. A capacity building workshop on extending social protection to migrant workers and strengthening of capacity and policy instruments on portability of social security benefits in the region will also be held under an EU supported regional project.

  2. Namibia signs a new United Nations Partnership Assistance Framework 2019-2023

    02 May 2018

    The ILO Country Office for Zimbabwe and Namibia joined the United Nations in Namibia in signing the new United Nations Partnership Assistance Framework 2019-2023 with the Government of the Republic of Namibia.

  3. Workshop for Public Employment Services (PES) officials in SADC region

    Addressing Youth Employment in the SADC Region