DWT/CO–Pretoria: ILO DWT for Eastern and Southern Africa and Country Office for South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland

  • 105th Session of the ILC

    Building a future with Decent Work

    From 30 May to 10 June, Government, Employers’ and Workers’ representatives from 187 member States will discuss a series of world of work issues including global supply chains; decent work for peace, security and disaster resilience, as well as the impact of the ILO Declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Globalization. Delegates will also consider amendments to the Code of the Maritime Labour Convention and review the report of the Director-General on poverty.

What's new

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    Partnership for Green on Green Economy

    25 May 2016

  2. Press release

    National PAGE Forum, Sustainability Week

    24 May 2016

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    Green Jobs Programme

    27 April 2016

Key resources

  1. Enabling Environment for Sustainable Enterprises in South Africa

    The report follows a standardised methodology developed by the ILO for the assessment of the Enabling Environment for Sustainable
    Enterprises (EESE) and is based on secondary data, a literature review, and results of a perception survey of owners of small and medium sized enterprises (SME) focussing on the 17 pillars.

  2. Best practice case studies from South Africa

    In South Africa, social economy enterprises have grown in number, with increased interest in the sector as a way to provide decent employment and social protection.

Entrepreneurship and the Future of Work in Africa

  1. African Talks on Entrepreneurship Futures, South Africa