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  • Decent Work Academy

    The Decent Work Academy offers policy makers and development partners the opportunity to explore and debate present and future work challenges on the African continent.

What's new

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    National Project Coordinator

    11 December 2017

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    Finance and Admin Clerk

    11 December 2017

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    SADC Forum of Labour Dispute and Prevention Agencies

Key resources

  1. A guide

    A Guide to Finance For Social Enterprises in South Africa

    This guide to finance is aimed at Social Enterprises that need to access funding to grow and scale their enterprise.

  2. Best practice case studies from South Africa

    In South Africa, social economy enterprises have grown in number, with increased interest in the sector as a way to provide decent employment and social protection.

ILO in the media

  1. Future of Work - South Africa National Dialogue

    Future of Work Centenary Initiative