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  1. Local economic development framework in Puntland: in-house revolt to the statuesque

    22 December 2014

    Education and research institutions have not offered technical and management skills which enable youth to work out of unemployment. Putting education to work remains yet deeply worrying in Puntland.

  2. Through the European Union’s funding the ILO supports the People of Galkayo in construction of two more roads.

    19 December 2014

    Improvements to transportation networks, especially those in growing areas like Galkayo, tend to impact on local land markets. In principle, an improvement to a link in the network will confer economic benefit to adjacent and nearby markets and properties and also create short term jobs during the construction phase.

  3. Ethiopia commits to promote the rights of persons with disabilities

    03 December 2014

    During a national event organized in the observance of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, the Ethiopian Government showed its commitment to promote the rights of persons with disabilities.

Key resources

  1. Child Labour

    Entrepreneurship and apprenticeship training for former child labourers in Kenya

    Major highlights of a study on entrepreneurship skills training in Kisumu and Nairobi cities, Kenya

  2. Growth and Equality

    Kenya: Making quality employment the driver of development

    Analyses on the growing disconnect between growth and job creation and its detrimental consequences in Kenya

  3. Ending child labor in domestic work

    The report makes a call to end child labour in domestic work and to provide adequate protection to young workers, of legal working age, against abusive working conditions in domestic work.

Countries covered

  1. Ethiopia
  2. Somalia