ILO Country Office for Ethiopia and Somalia
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  1. ILO Country Office for Ethiopia and Somalia
    Africa Hall, 6th Floor, Menelik II Avenue
    Addis Ababa
    P.O.Box 2788
    Fax:Fax:+251-11-5445573, +251-11-5513633
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ILO Country Office for Ethiopia and Somalia

Women Entrepreneurship
ILO will mark the Month of Women Entrepreneurs in Somaliland with key events to highlight milestones and achievements of Somali women engaged in small and medium size enterprises.

What's new

  1. Stories from the field

    08 July 2014

  2. Results of Economically Reintegrating Children Associated with Armed Conflict

    10 June 2014

    As the “Prevention of Child Recruitment and Reintegration of Children Associated with Armed Forces and Groups in south central Somalia” project, euphemistically known as CAAFAG, comes to a close, its contributions are profound.

  3. Vocational skills training in Mogadishu, Somalia

    15 April 2014

    Skills training to improve employability of vulnerable children associated with armed conflict forces and groups in Mogadishu, Somalia

Key resources

  1. Child Labour

    Entrepreneurship and apprenticeship training for former child labourers in Kenya

    Major highlights of a study on entrepreneurship skills training in Kisumu and Nairobi cities, Kenya

  2. Growth and Equality

    Kenya: Making quality employment the driver of development

    Analyses on the growing disconnect between growth and job creation and its detrimental consequences in Kenya

  3. Ending child labor in domestic work

    The report makes a call to end child labour in domestic work and to provide adequate protection to young workers, of legal working age, against abusive working conditions in domestic work.

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