ILO Country Office for Ethiopia and Somalia

What's new

  1. Boosting Self- Employment among the Youth

    31 July 2015

    Beneficiaries of the Youth for Change (Y4C) programme share their stories in their changed lives.

  2. Abdirashid Jama: Changing for a better future

    31 July 2015

    As a teenager, Abdirashid got involved in a youth gang in Gardo town, close to his village and was regarded as a trouble maker.

  3. Turning a Migration Crisis into an Economic Opportunity: supporting the reintegration of KSA migrants

    24 July 2015

    The ILO and the Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs (MOLSA) launched a new EU-funded project to support the reintegration of Ethiopian Returnees from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Key resources

  1. Child Labour

    Entrepreneurship and apprenticeship training for former child labourers in Kenya

    Major highlights of a study on entrepreneurship skills training in Kisumu and Nairobi cities, Kenya

  2. Growth and Equality

    Kenya: Making quality employment the driver of development

    Analyses on the growing disconnect between growth and job creation and its detrimental consequences in Kenya

  3. Ending child labor in domestic work

    The report makes a call to end child labour in domestic work and to provide adequate protection to young workers, of legal working age, against abusive working conditions in domestic work.