Workers' Group of the Governing Body

The Governing Body is the executive body of the International Labour Organization. It meets three times a year, in March, June and November. It takes decisions on ILO policy, decides the agenda of the International Labour Conference, adopts the draft Programme and Budget of the Organization for submission to the Conference, and elects the Director-General. It is composed of 56 titular members (28 Governments, 14 Employers and 14 Workers) and 66 deputy members (28 Governments, 19 Employers and 19 Workers).

The 33 worker members are elected every three years by all Worker Delegates at the International Labour Conference through a secret ballot: their composition reflects regional and gender balance as well as a mix of developed and developing countries.

They are supported in the discharge of their responsibilities by a Secretariat external to the ILO (the ITUC Geneva Office) and, within the Office, by the ILO’s Bureau for Workers' activities (ACTRAV) .

Photos of the Workers'Group of ILO Governing Body from 1920 till now