Mwongozo Wa Vyama Vya Wafanyakazi

Trade Unions are important tool in the history of the world of work since early days. But its activities have always been lightly taken by even the workers themselves. Moreover, issues particularly of Trade Unions especially within East African Region have fallen short of adequate research, documentation and exposure for all to understand. For these reasons, then, the Authors of this book have tried to give a guide to others to build up from where they have left. Trade Unions are important institutions in the world of work. They are the bridge between the Employers, Employees and the Government. Because the employer’s goals and of the workers do not often agree, conflicts between these two parties are things to expect. Trade Unions is a tool used by the workers themselves to champion their issues. The authors of this book have tried to explain this important tool to workers and other development partners and in their efforts, Authors have endeavored to articulate other issues relating to work, good governance and cross-cutting issues of work.

The Authors of this book have tried to elaborate a lot on issues related to work, so that the reader will not need to read other books to get a clue of almost all important issues relating to the Trade Unions and the world of work in general.

This book is indeed, an important guide in Trade Union and has touched on many issues pertaining to the world of work. We take this opportunity to congratulate the Authors of this book for their efforts to educate all who need knowledge about Trade Unions. We recommend to all those who need basic education on Trade Unions to make an effort of acquiring this title to help understand the underlying issues of Trade Unions.