Trade Union Youth in India join hands to campaign ratification of ILO Conventions Nos.87 and 98

Press release | New-Delhi, India | 20 September 2012

New-Delhi, 20 September 2012 (ACTRAV INFO)-Over hundred trade union youth leaders called for the ratification of the ILO Conventions Nos.87 and 98 at a national conference on the Role of Trade Union Youth in the Ratification of Core Labour Standards in India held from 18 to 20 September 2012 in New Delhi.

The Conference facilitated and increased knowledge and understanding of the trade union youth on the ILO Core Conventions, the role of trade unions in strengthening workers’ rights, progress on the ratification of Core Labour Standards in India and on how trade unions have influenced and promoted actions on these unratified conventions. In a statement adopted by the conference the youth leaders said that in line with the united platform of central trade union action plan, agreed that to strengthen the trade union efforts on the ratification of ILO Core Conventions Nos. 87 and 98, concerted efforts by the youth cadre/youth committees taking the ratification campaign to every state and district of the country would be necessary.

It stated that the trade union youth believed that the Indian ‘government should take immediate steps to ratify all un -ratified Core Labour Standards and ensure its implementation, especially ILO Conventions Nos.87 and 98, will guarantee effective recognition of representative trade union which was essential for promoting industrial harmony and the avoidance of labour management conflicts and thereby improve the economic performance of the country.

The national trade union organisations in India have come together setting aside their differences to put their hands together and join in a national campaign for the ratification. The campaign has been gathering momentum since it began in 2010.

The conference was organised by the Hindh Mazdoor Subha (HMS) and the Indian National Trades Union Congress (INTUC) working together with other major national centres: CITU, AITIC and BMS with support of ILO- Bureau for Workers ‘Activities (ACTRAV).

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