Guinea: Seminar on the prevention and management of armed and violent conflicts

Press release | 08 July 2011

CONAKRY, 8 JULY 2011 (ACTRAV INFO) – The Bureau for Workers’ Activities (ACTRAV), together with the National Confederation of Workers of Guinea (CNTG), held a joint seminar on the prevention and management of armed and violent conflicts in Conakry from 4 to 8 July 2011.

“This is an intermediate stage in the ILO’s contribution to assisting our tripartite constituents - in this particular case, the workers’ trade union organizations - to strengthen their capacities for preventing and managing conflicts,” explained ACTRAV African regional coordinator Rawane Mbaye. “This is a training course that we – the CRISIS programme, ACTRAV and Turin – have together provided to the unions, as well as the civil society actors, the high representatives of the State and the army. The aim of the training is to draw their attention to conflict risks.”

The seminar should help the participants to share their knowledge on the prevention and management of conflicts in Guinea, which is preparing to hold legislative elections shortly, as the final phase of the country’s transition.

“The results will become visible over time,” Mbaye said. “What is already clear is that the training was greatly appreciated by the participants. There were 35 of them, most of whom were trade unionists. At the end of the workshop, each participant was able to draw up a road map of things to do immediately. We are continuing to receive letters that the participants sent to their authorities, as a way of launching a process of disseminating, across the country, the knowledge gained during the seminar.”

Before leaving Conakry, ACTRAV’s African regional coordinator paid tribute to the Guinean authorities’ involvement in the success of the seminar.

“The Guinean authorities have shown their commitment alongside the workers,” he said, “because of their deep belief in the reconciliation of the Guinean people. The Guinean President, Alpha Condé, chaired the opening ceremony of the seminar and his Prime Minister chaired the closing ceremony. The next stage will be in the eight provinces of the country, thanks to the involvement of trade unionist Hadja Rabiatou Sérah Diallo, who is also the President of the National Transition Council of Guinea.”

This seminar followed-up on a project initiated by CNTG General Secretary Hadja Rabiatou Sérah Diallo. The project highlighted the positive role played by the Guinean trade union organizations and civil society in Guinea’s return to peaceful democracy.

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