Social Protection Committee: the Worker Vice-Chair’s Comments

Press release | 17 June 2011

Geneva, 16 June 2011 (ACTRAV INFO) – Helen Kelly, the Worker Vice-Chairperson of the Committee for the Recurrent Discussion on Social Protection, announced that a discussion will be held in 2012 to draw up a Recommendation on the social floor.

“We unanimously agreed to call for a single discussion on a social floor Recommendation in 2012,” she stated. “We expect this Recommendation to provide a firm basis for the principles of social security, the guarantees of the social floor, its implementation and monitoring of progress and the time frames for achieving progressively full coverage.” Ms Kelly was speaking during the adoption of the report of the Social Protection Committee.

“Our Committee firmly sees the Social Protection Floor as a stepping stone towards comprehensive social security provisions as outlined in the up-to-date ILO social security Conventions,” she added.

As the Committee’s Worker Vice-Chair, Ms Kelly pointed out that “social progress is best achieved where there are strong workers’ organizations that are respected partners of governments and employers”. This “was true in the past, it is true today and it will be true in future”.

Ms Kelly insisted that the vertical and horizontal extension of social protection is a realistic aim.

“At this 100th Session of the International Labour Conference,” she concluded, “we send a strong message that the horizontal and vertical extension of social security is a key pillar of sustainable development. It is necessary. It is possible and it can be done. Our new Geneva consensus is an open invitation to all groups and societies and, in particular, to the multilateral system, to join forces in building comprehensive social security systems and to put an end to poverty.”

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