Kigali Seminar on Domestic Work

Press release | 28 March 2011

Kigali, 28 mars 2011 (ACTRAV INFO)-In Kigali (Rwanda) on 20-26 March 2011, the ILO Bureau for Workers’ Activities organized a trade union training workshop on “the contribution of the rwandan and burundian trade unions to promoting the adoption of the Convention on domestic work”.

The seminar centred on discussions and exchanges of experience between these countries on the issue of domestic work, as well as on the content of the draft Convention and its adoption, as proposed by the Workers’ Group in the ILO Governing Body.

The event ended with the Rwandan and Burundian unions undertaking to urge their respective governments to support the adoption of the Convention on Decent work for domestic workers at the next session of International Labour Conference, in June 2011.

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