Meeting between the ILO’s Director General and the African members of the Governing Body

Press release | 22 March 2011

Geneva, 22 march 2011 (ACTRAV INFO)- The ILO Director-General congratulated the African members of the Governing Body on the work accomplished during their mandate. Mr. Juan Somavia expressed his satisfaction at the progress achieved in implementing Decent Work in the African continent.

Concerning the political situation in Africa, the ILO DG welcomed the example set by the transition in Guinea, where the ILO provided assistance for the strengthening of social dialogue through the National Transition Council, chaired by trade unionist Ms. Rabiatou Diallo.

On behalf of his African colleagues, the Secretary General of the Organization of African Trade Union Unity (OATUU), Mr. Hassan Sumnunu, expressed the African trade unions’ satisfaction with the ILO’s support for the installation and consolidation of democracy on the continent. He welcomed the particular attention paid by the ILO to the crises affecting North Africa. Mr. Sumnunu also welcomed Mr. Somavia’s recent visit to Egypt.

The meeting took place on the fringes of the Governing Body session held on 5-25 March 2011.

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