ACTRAV Policy Note on Green Jobs

ACTRAV sees the ILO’s work on “green jobs” as an element of its work to address employment and labour market issues in relation to climate changes and new ways of production. The direct effects of climate change as well as the indirect effects of adaptation and mitigation measures to address climate changes have an enormous impact on employment and the labour market.

With a wide definition of green jobs we might say that all jobs that contribute to environmentally sustainable development are green. It might span over all sectors and industries and cover all workers as not only new jobs in the “clean” energy sector are developing, but also when other sectors are getting “greener”.In the process of transition to a low carbon society it is important not to forget the social dimension of sustainable development.

The “greening” of the economy is a positive step towards a cleaner planet. With the right social policy framework it should also lead to an economy that works for all – an economy which includes decent work and workers' rights as international requirements in a worldwide climate change regime.