International Journal of Labour Research

  1. Climate Change and Labour: The Need for a “Just Transition”

    21 March 2011

    Climate change is now widely acknowledged as one of the great – if not the greatest – challenges facing humanity in the coming decades. Through its impact on average temperature, precipitations and sea levels, it will endanger the livelihood of hundreds of millions and impose increasing costs on our societies if nothing is done.

  2. Financial Crisis, Deflation, and Trade Unions Responses: What are the Lessons?

    15 June 2010

    In January 2010, intent on drawing similar lessons from a labour perspective, the Bureau of Workers’ Activities and the Global Union Research Network organized their own workshop on “Labour and the economic crises of yesterday and today: Lessons for a just and sustainable future”. This issue of the International Journal of Labour Research brings together the various contributions that were made at that event.