COVID-19 and Workers'Organizations

COVID-19 Crisis: Relying on social dialogue for solutions in the Arab States

This webinar aims to assist trade union leaders in the Arab Region to enhance their role in social dialogue as a solution to respond to the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. Moreover, to promote, and explain the related ILO tools, and guides that can help them in their effort to achieve a better future for all workers.


The purpose of the information sharing session is to provide a virtual platform for trade union leaders in the Arab Region to discuss the multiple threats of the pandemic to both the health and livelihoods of workers, what policies in terms of Social Dialogue to protect all workers and their families adequately and the role of trade unions. More specifically:
  • How to strengthen social dialogue, collective bargaining and labour relations institutions and processes.
  • How to strengthen social dialogue on conditions of work and employment. 
The target group for this webinar is the leaders and mid leaders of the trade union movement for Arab countries in Asia and Africa.


  • Introduction:  Nezam Qahoush, Desk Officer for Arab States, ACTRAV, ILO/HQ Geneva
  • Opening remarks: Maria Helena Andre’, Director, ILO Bureau for Workers’ Activities, ILO/HQ Geneva
  • ILO Policy Framework on Social Dialogue: Rainer Pritzer, Senior Specialist in Social Dialogue, DIALOGUE Unit-HQ
  • Social Dialogue in the Arab Region a Trade Union perspective: Mustapha Tlili, General Secretary, International Trade Union Confederation-Arab States
  • Trade Union Unity on Policy and Action to influence social and economic policies: Jamal Aghmany
  • General discussions: Participants and Panelists
  • Conclusions: Nezam Qahoush, Desk Officer for Arab States, ACTRAV, ILO/HQ Geneva

How to attend: Join us Live on Facebook