Future of Work

Book Launch for the International Journal of Labour Research on the Future of Work

The International Labour Organization has taken its own celebrations to mark its 100th year in existence as the opportunity to discuss the issue of transformation in trade unions as part of its Future of Work Initiative, launched by ILO Director-General Guy Ryder in 2015. It has become harder for trade unions in both developed and emerging countries to protect the rights of workers and working conditions, as shown not only in the reduction of unionization, but also the fall in the labour share of income in most countries. The question therefore remains, to what extent do trade unions need to transform themselves in order to serve their members as effectively in the future as they have in the past?Two contributors of  "The Future of Work: Trade Unions in Transformation" shared their thoughts during the launch organised by ACTRAV ...
  • Presenters: Jelle VISSER, Amsterdam Institute of Advanced Labour Studies (AIAS) and Akua O. BRITWUM, University of Cape Coast, Ghana
  • Chair: Maria Helena ANDRE