ACTRAV Agora: The Threat of Physical and Psychosocial Violence and Harassment in Digitalized Work

The new study highlights the ways in which new technologies are being used for management purposes in the workplace today as professional environment that comprises factories, streets but also homes.The discussion paper is designed to inform the discussions around the standard-setting item at the International Labour Conference in 2018 that will address the need for a ‘systematic approach to prevention and elimination of violence and harassment at work’ and lead to a new international labour standard on Violence and Harassment against Women and Men in the World of Work.

  • Presenter: Dr Phoebe Moore, Associate Professor of Political Economy and Technology at the University Of Leicester School Of Business
  • Discussants: Manuela Tomei, Director of  ILO-WORKQUALITY) and Nancy Leppink, Director of ILO-LABADMIN/OSH)
  • Chair: Anna Biondi, Deputy Director of ILO-ACTRAV