Training and Education

Education and training are important long-term responses to the challenges of globalization and trade unions capacity building. Under the responsibility of the Bureau of Workers' Activities a major labour education programme is delivered in all Regions and at the International Training Centre of the ILO. ACTRAV has also developed other education activities and programmes and one of them is the Global Labour University (GLU).

ACTRAV at the International Training Centre of the ILO

ACTRAV-Turin Programme
is the training arm of the Bureau for Workers' Activities (ACTRAV) of the International Labour Organization (ILO). We are also part of the International Training Center of the ILO in Turin, Italy.

The ACTRAV-Turin Programme responds to the training needs of workers' organizations through the delivery of advanced training courses, training materials, specific projects and advisory services. The structure and contents of our training programmes are aimed at responding to the challenges posed by the current process of economic, social and political development (known as globalization) on workers and their unions around the world.

The Global Labour University (GLU)

The Global Labour University (GLU) is a network of universities, international and national trade unions, civil society organizations and the International Labour Organization (ILO) to provide postgraduate qualification programmes for trade unionists, labour activists, and experts. This unique global cooperation offers students a wide range of academic and practical expertise. The global composition of students creates a genuine “one world” research and learning environment.

The Global Labour University (GLU) network is offering the Masters Programmes

  • Globalization and Labour (India
  • Labour and Development, Economic Policy, Globalization and Labour (South Africa)
  • Labour Policies and Globalization (Germany)
  • Social Economy and Labour (Brazil) and on sustainable development, social justice, international labour standards and trade unions, economic policies and global institutions

These unique global programmes are jointly developed by universities and workers organizations from around the world and aim at those candidates who have experience with labour and social movements, and who are willing to assist organizations in these fields to engage more effectively in social dialogue, public debate, and policy implementation. Participants will analyze and discuss in a multidisciplinary fashion the challenges of globalization from a labour and trade union perspective.

The Global Labour University (GLU) is also offering a six month training programme: 01 April - 30 September 2010, in Germany. ENGAGE (Empowerment and Capacity Building Network for Global Labour Activists and Trade Union Officials on Global Economic Policies) is a short term Diploma Course on Labour Policies and Globalization. It is designed to help labour activists and trade unionists to acquire additional knowledge and tools that enable them to take an active part in public debate and the process of policy formulation and implementation. The Diploma in "Labour Policies and Globalization" consists of a 3,5 month academic program and a 2 month internship. The program addresses the request of many trade unions to offer a short-term policy orientated academic program for trade unionists. The course of study includes five modules focussing on Global Wage Policies, Global Finance, Global Trade, Development Economics, and Participation in Global Governance.