Sectoral Activities

The ILO Governing Body approved a new orientation for ILO Sectoral Activities. This is very much based on the wishes expressed by Global Union Federations (GUFs) and the Workers’ Group of the ILO Governing Body. The eleven Global Union Federations bring together national unions by sector or occupation.

Essentially the changes make sectoral activities more constituent-driven and better serve the ILO strategic objectives. Eight groupings have been established (mostly along the lines of GUFs areas of competences) and small tripartite advisory bodies established. Advisory Bodies meet on a regular basis and make proposals for activities to be tabled to the Governing Body for approval.

ACTRAV liaises with the Global Union Federations and with the ILO Department for Sectoral activities. It also provides support and facilities for GUFs activities related to the promotion of decent work and of ILO sectoral standards.