Occupational Safety and Health

ACTRAV assists workers’ organizations in their efforts to ensure and promote greater protection of workers at their workplace.

This includes, when requested, the development of policies to improve working and living conditions for all employees, as well as strengthening of trade union representation in occupational health and safety committees. Promotion of collective bargaining and social dialogue, as well as development of workers' education programs and awareness raising campaigns on health and safety issues is also areas of work in which ACTRAV assists.

In cooperation with other departments of the ILO, ACTRAV is also implementing programs to assist workers' organizations to strengthen their technical expertise in areas linked to occupational health and safety and social protection – areas such as labour inspection, prevention of occupational accidents and diseases, labour law, employment policies, wage protection and the protection of women at work in ensuring gender equality.

ACTRAV also provides support to workers’ organizations in developing their policies and programs related to maternity protection, balancing work and family life, protection of safety and health of vulnerable workers such as migrant workers and disabled workers.