International Labour Standards

Since 1919, the ILO has maintained and developed a system of international labour standards aimed at promoting opportunities for women and men to obtain decent and productive work in conditions of freedom, equity, security and dignity. In today’s globalized economy, international labour standards are an essential component in the international framework for ensuring that the growth of the global economy provides benefits to all.

ACTRAV assists trade unions in their efforts to promote the ratification and effective implementation of international labour standards. This includes support for the organization of ratification campaigns and building capacity to strengthen the respect of international labour standards through the promotion of changes in national policies and labour law reforms.

ACTRAV implements programs assisting trade unions to strengthen their technical expertise regarding the content of international labour standards and the use of the ILO supervisory mechanisms. Technical advice and support is also provided by ACTRAV on the follow-up of the recommendations of the ILO supervisory bodies, in particular the Committee of Experts and the Committee on Freedom of Association.